Thursday, May 10, 2007

Are you a Wingman or a Pilot?

Guys, I've just finished reading Asia Agcaoili's Sex Lessons from FHM Magazine Online. Back then, I have the idea about the wingman and pilot situations but I was not familiar about the terms like "The Grenade" or whatsoever. Do you want to know what I am saying? Ok. Here's Asia Agcaoili's Sex Lessons. Just read on.

Asia's Sex Lessons by Asia Agcaoili

Iwas with a friend in San Francisco when I experienced this wonderfully laid game upon me. I was with a guy friend and two attractive men sat beside us. Guy A sat beside me and started chatting up my Guy friend—let’s call him Guy C. Guy B, who’s a real hottie, started chatting me up. If that was five years ago I would have been awed by him, but I just really thought it was rude to let them ease their way into the conversation my friend and I were having. They probably thought I was an Asian virgin! But realizing they were bound to fail, they moved on.

I’ve seen this game over and over, I’ve heard it, read it, and now I’m writing about it. Some men treat it as sacred, even more than brotherhood. I’m talking about the “wingman” experience. The term was popularized by the 1986 film Top Gun and is a hookup term when a man takes another man on a night out to help him hook up with girls. You may call him your sidekick. His sole duty is to assist the pilot.

Now before you hit the places where there are several targets, consider that you are not limited to clubs only. Clubs usually have more guys on the prowl as well—meaning tighter competition. Some guys go for coffee shops, weddings, concerts, malls, church, groceries, schools, etc.

You also have to establish who will be the wingman and the pilot. The pilot needs to orient the wingman what the mission and the goals are. The pilot gets to pick the first target and the wingman will settle for the less attractive or sometimes even the ugly one, or “the grenade.” The wingman approaches the girls first and has to jump on the grenade instantly to ensure a successful hookup of the pilot to the target.

Awesome wingman rules

  1. Premier rule: Always bring the three essentials: mint, P1,000, and condoms. Always use protection. You never know how many times the target has undergone such “assignments.”
  2. Stay positive. Negativity and bad moods will eventually damage the mission.
  3. Know your wingman. Chemistry is crucial and you should always get his backup on everything you, as a pilot, say.
  4. Never cockblock your pilot!
  5. Always be there for your wingman. If you get shot down, at least you’ll go down together and fly to the next target.
  6. If you get shot down, be respectful, move on and look for other targets.
  7. If the pilot’s target is more interested in the wingman, switch roles. Remember the mission is to hook up.
  8. Co-piloting is allowed and encouraged if there are multiple quality targets.
  9. Imperative to being a great wingman is support, not personal gain. Don’t be selfish! Never be jealous of your pilot. Know that his success is reflective of your mastering of the dynamics and that you are a great wingman.
  10. Never turn down your wingman if he picks a target.
  11. Always look out for each other’s appearance and hygiene (i.e., a booger, stain on the teeth, bad breath should immediately be said before even reaching the target). Don’t let your pilot drink too much. Not only will he lose his target, he might even lose his focus and fall on the floor.
  12. The pilot and his best qualities should be kept as the target’s focus apart from how great of a conversationalist he is.
  13. The wingman should be willing to jump on a grenade for your pilot.
  14. At the end of the night, after you have worked your magic, the Wingman, AND ONLY THE WINGMAN, offers the girls to comeback to his place for a little “after party.”
When you happen to see me, feel free to practice the roles of pilot and wingman. There’s no assurance of a successful hook up but for sure I’ll be very entertained. Good luck my boys!

There you go, may nalaman na naman tayo about sex hook ups straight from Asia Agcaoili. So let me ask you again. Guys, Are you a Wingman, or a Pilot?

Source: FHM Magazine Philippines Online

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