Thursday, May 10, 2007

Sex almost spoiled by bunso

It was two weeks before my finals week and I had to make pastillas for my biology class as a requirement. I wanted to be with my guy so I asked him to help me out. My older sister and my younger brother were also at home that time—my sister being the tenant at our mini store and my younger brother busy with his PC game. While working on my project I started to get so horny that I insisted on having sex. But we took it slow by doing the small, dirty things first: He massaged my boobs while I felt up his big cock—this happened while my brother, with his back to us, concentrated on his game. When things started to heat up even more I suggested that we have a quickie in the toilet.

The plan was I would go in first then he’d follow after, pretending that he needed to pee. When we got in, we started the show immediately. He banged me so hard doggy style but my very makulit little brother kept on chatting with my guy while we were both in the middle of sex! Fed up, my boyfriend just said to him nicely—and with a wry smile—“Mamaya mo na lang ako kausapin, hindi ako makapag-concentrate eh.” Ha ha!


Source: FHM Magazine Philippines Online

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